Director of Strategic Partnerships

REAL Recruitment is working with Corporate Connections to identify a Director of Strategic Partnerships.

CorporateConnections® provides global business leaders the ideal setting for generating exceptional and measurable results through executive networking opportunities. Our members join CorporateConnections to develop business relationships, gain access to advanced professional development opportunities and to participate in peer advisory groups.


Are you a development specialist known for building strategic and tactical relationships within your business and your network? Are you an experienced individual recognized for your extensive network and the ability to build relationships with business owners? With privileged access to successful business leaders, we provide a structured and growth-friendly environment to achieve your goals.

Our business community provides business leaders around the world with the ideal platform to generate exceptional and measurable results through meaningful relationship development opportunities. Our members join to develop preferential business opportunities, to benefit from the experience of their peers in relation to their professional and personal realities and to access advanced leadership development opportunities.

Our objective is to bring together business leaders from the Calgary area and empower them to create meaningful opportunities and changes in their organizations, communities and lives. Your role is to help find the right leaders and work with us to launch a new chapter in Calgary!

Tasks in terms of talent development

  • Form a core group of at least six qualified business owners to force-start the group as member candidates in the first three months
  • Guide this core group through the launch process, including training and integration
  • Conduct information sessions with potential new members
  • Ensure the success of group members and operations
  • Proactively identify members and equip them for leadership roles

In terms of business development

  • Be an example of a growth leader by promoting the opportunity in the local market
  • Showcase member candidates to the Canadian and global community
  • Develop lasting relationships with business leaders and industry leaders both inside and outside your market
  • Collaborate with national and international colleagues to share best practices
  • Carry out any other similar tasks that may be assigned by the Executive Directors


In addition to the commission based compensation, the successful candidate will have access to the following benefits.

  • Strategic connections and qualified business leader recommendations
  • Development of global business relationships and alliances
  • Advisory groups offering personal business and private growth roundtables
  • Advanced professional development and continuous learning
  • Building personal relationships with executives in different industries
  • Being part of a globally recognized group with proven system and record of success
  • Attending networking events such as business lunches and annual conferences
  • Access to the advice of other business executives and successful entrepreneurs
  • Flexibility offered by remote work, where possible
  • Growing network that could take your career to the next level

This is a permanent consultant role where the compensation is based on a commission with potential recurring revenue once the launch is completed.

Job Qualifications:

  • Being a proactive, inspiring and engaging leader
  • Minimum 5 years experience in a senior business development role in a company with over $10M annual turnover
  • Be recognized for your natural sales skills, always focused on relationships and sales
  • Excellent flair and judgment in identifying promising talent
  • Although the job can be done remotely, you must physically live in the Calgary area to assist with activities once in-person meetings are allowed and expedient
  • Although international experience is recognized and valued, the ideal candidate must have a Canadian business network with business development experience in Canada
  • Mastering the suite Microsoft Office, mainly PowerPoint
  • Fluent in English, both oral and written
  • Be willing to communicate the vision of a reputable global group

Other Qualities:

The ideal candidate will:

  • Have a sincere desire to build a network and make a difference in this region
  • Be an inspiring storyteller that can bring people together around a common goal
  • Have a strong interest in developing and perfecting leadership skills
  • Be motivated to be part of a strong, collaborative and supportive community
  • Be a great communicator and team player who has a facility to actually connect with people
  • Be surrounded by an active network and enhanced by reliable and enduring links


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