Office Manager

REAL Recruitment is looking for a Fire Safety Office Administrator.

Duties to include:

  • Managing client INV, reports, documents to the city of Calgary or municipality.  
  • Upload and download software of daily tech reports.
  • Supervision of job scheduling.
  • Managing day-to-day operations of a busy office, daily phone calls, and emails, and responding correctly and efficiently.

The successful candidate must have/be:

  • Proven management and training exp.
  • Able to supervise 6 to 8 employees.
  • Extensive computer exp complete with QuickBooks, Word, & Excel.   
  • Able to complete job evaluations.
  • Efficient, have great organizing skills ability to plan and set priorities.
  • Excellent attention to detail (the industry is life safety, so details and accuracy are paramount).
  • Excellent communication skills.

The company is in the process of acquiring space in Calgary and this position will be located in the Calgary office space by October of 2022. 



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