Step 2 & 3

Personality Fit Questionnaire

Thank you for submitting your application.  For the next step in your application, we would like to learn more about you! We do appreciate the time you will spend doing this, so thank you very much, and good luck.

1) Please phone the following number and leave a message including the following:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Let us know why you feel you would be best suited for this position
  • Be creative! We want to get to know you more.

2) Once you’ve made your call, move on to the following Vision/Mission and Culture points, read them, and then proceed to the questionnaire below, include your name and email. There are no wrong answers to these, please just be as honest as possible.

We do appreciate the time you will spend doing this, so thank you very much, and good luck.

Vision/Mission Statements

Our Vision

Genuine personal connections between the people of Canada’s business communities and the customers that they serve, through powerful and authentic visual storytelling.

Our Mission

Our Company’s mission is to sustainably help people across the country, identify with the folks behind the brands that serve them, using visual storytelling content that is personalized, consistent, authentic, and visually and emotionally impactful.

Telling our customers’ stories honestly and beautifully is our guiding star, and we will set ourselves apart by respecting that story first and foremost, applying our substantial knowledge, skill, and creativity, innovating as we go, and using only the tools that are best suited to the job. Underlying all this is that we take our work, but not ourselves, seriously  leaving our egos at the door to both have fun, and do the great work our customers need and deserve. Our company will be known for its integrity, consistency, transparency, and ultimately honesty, in every interaction, all while having fun, with each other and with our customers, from the assistant on set right up to the founding partners.

The team at our Company will consist of individuals who value and respect every human being and enjoy learning, creating, and sharing our customers’ stories, big or small.  We will do our best to understand where our clients are coming from, and their needs, so that we can serve them best and through that build long term relationships and friendships.

Customers of our Company will value their stories as much as we do, and understand the power of truthful visual story-telling in helping them connect with their audience. They will trust our process in ensuring we understand them and their needs in the way that we need, and let us use our experience and skill to craft our product as an important step in getting their message to the world

Points of Culture

Our 9 Points of Culture

1. Humility

I take my work, but not myself, seriously (i.e., we leave our egos at the door – my client’s story is more important than my own)

2. Respect

I will give every client the same respect and attention to detail, no matter the job or who they are – everyone has a story worth telling. I will respect my peers and colleagues.

3. Fun

We want our clients to have fun working with us, and we want to have fun with our clients and each other.  If something isn’t fun, then why are we doing it? Having fun helps our clients share their stories.

4. Consistency

I will follow company policies and workflows when at all possible so that every client has the same experience.  I will pay attention to details that will help with that objective.

5. Change & Innovation

I will learn new skills, systems, techniques, not to wow people with a trendy trick, but to have more tools that can powerfully tell stories.  I will be open to new ideas, and serve our Company’s clients with new ideas of my own.

6. Ownership

I will take ownership of my role. Our Company, through training, and a shared mission, vision, values, has empowered me to make decisions on my own.

7. Transparency

I expect openness, fairness, and transparency from my employer, and in return, I offer the same. I expect my role and tasks to be clearly defined and explained, but I also will not be afraid to ask if something isn’t, so that we do the best possible for our clients.

8. Growth

While my role is clear, I’m empowered to think of ideas and ways for it to be improved, as well as contributing ideas and creativity to improve our services for our clients.

9. Flexibility

I will accept constructive critique of my work from my peers, not getting stuck on my own initial vision.  I accept that more eyes and minds than just my own can only improve the final product in serving our customers and telling their story

Tell us who you are


1. After having read our vision, mission, and points of culture, please list the items that resonate with you, if any, and why.

2. In your mind, please list behaviours that would violate our points of culture.

3. Describe why you would be a good fit in our culture, including examples of where you embodied it in your career or life so far.

4. Describe a previous or current work environment in which you truly enjoyed yourself, and what it was that you liked about it.

5. What is your preferred work style? Do you prefer working alone or as part of a team, and why? Any other preferences or dislikes?

6. What effect do you feel that working collaboratively on a project would have on the end result of your task?

7. What characteristics are important to you for a work environment in which you would want to stay for many years?

8a. If you were to be hired as a full-time employee, what salary would you expect?

8b. As a freelancer or part-time on an hourly wage, what rate would you expect?

9. What kind of work schedule do you desire? E.g., regular 9-5, or working when you’d like as long as the job gets done on time.

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