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Over the years we’ve worked with some great individuals and companies. 

Our Process is Easy



Great results start with a solid and foundational relationship. We meet with our clients to discuss desires, needs and find the perfect fit.


Begin the Search

REAL Recruitment utilizes its experience and proven systems to reach the appropriate targets in order to obtain the best prospects.

Hire The Best

With the right people in place, employees and businesses thrive. At this stage, the right people are selected – a win-win for all involved.


Why Choose Us

Candidate Sourcing

  • Identification of the candidates with the proper skill set
  • Identification of the candidates with the best experience
  • In addition to job boards and social media, access to a database of over 15,000 candidates


  • Review the position with the candidate
  • Review of the candidate’s resume for a match with the role
  • Assess the candidate’s personality for the best possible fit for the company

Submission of Candidate

  • Resume Submission
  • Highlights of the Pre-Interview included
  • Candidate Availability
  • Candidate Compensation expectations

Client Interviews

  • Coordinating interviews between candidates and hiring manager
  • Provide necessary support to both candidates and hiring manager prior to interviews
  • If requested, we assist and participate in the interview
  • Follow up with the hiring manager and candidates post interview

Reference Checks

  • Two qualified references in full detail.

Employment Negotiations

  • Assist with the negotiation of an offer between the successful candidate and the client
  • Includes salary, start date, and further compensation
  • Provide professional support to the process

Follow Up

  • Follow Up on the placementFollow Up on the placement
  • Timely conversations with both the candidate and the hiring manager about the comfort with the new role

Let's Begin...

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